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Is the right time for us to purchase Real Estate?

Is the right time for us to purchase Real Estate? The question of when it is the right time to purchase real estate is always a very important family decision. For millennials, homeownership in Canada is approximately 50 percent. In contrast, 55 percent of their parents currently own their own homes.  While millennials have lower ownership rates, it is expected that the numbers will increase this year. The average millennials are married at the age of 29, and most are in their early thirties. Many have been married for two to three years when they start a family, and then
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What You Need to Know About Cannabis Legalization in the Housing Market

Legal Recreational Cannabis and the Impact on the Ottawa Real Estate Market Updated 24 April 2020 Recreational cannabis has been legal in Canada since October 2018. Saskatchewan’s implementation of the new law has been the most efficient. Ontario was the slowest; however, it is now improving the availability of cannabis products. Federal and Provincial regulations, as well as City bylaws, are continually being updated, how will this impact the real estate industry now and what will it be in the future? Keeping current on this is very important; therefore, it is wise to work with a knowledgeable, professional and trustworthy
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